My 3 Favorite WordPress Themes to Start 2018

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your year is off to a hustling and productive start. I love to explore new blog themes, and the more themes that I know, the better I am able to help my clients craft a WordPress website that reflects their brand in both a beautiful and professional manner. Here are 3 that I loved throughout 2017 and that I think are still a great way to launch a website in 2018!

Massive Dynamic by PixFlow

For those who want a website that can be highly customized, Massive Dynamic is perfect for you. This is my most recommended theme for my clients to date. It is a live website builder that allows you to see your edits and modifications as you make them. The drag and drop feature makes it so easy to use. There are really not many limits to how you can make your website look with Massive Dynamic. They have conveniently created 60+ templates for those who don’t want to start designing from scratch. It is a great theme to integrate a shop with, share a blog, display your company’s information, and more. The predesigned templates cover various professions from restaurants to digital agencies. You can’t really go wrong with this theme.


Monstera by stnsvn

Monstera is more of an as-is theme with few customization options, but it’s design doesn’t call for much design changes. It is an elegant theme that can compliment many different needs.This theme is great for bloggers and small businesses. It has two separate header bar areas above and below the featured post photos and links. One includes outbound social links and the other shows different pages on the site.


Rosemary by Solo Pine

Rosemary is another elegant theme that can serve many different types of websites. I love the scrolling post feature at the top. That is often a premium feature for websites and it can be difficult to customize, so I love that it comes built in to this theme. Rosemary offers customization of the widgets that it comes with, including the “about me,” “Facebook,” and social widgets. The site colors can be customized, as well.


Author: Addie Fisher

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