Social Media Image Editing Guide {Styled Social Set}

If you’ve downloaded a Styled Social Set (a set of social media images to enhance your Facebook, instagram, and more), or if you’re in need of quick editing tips, you’re in the right place.

Getting Started

  • Select images that you would like to serve as the base of your social media post. If you have purchased a Styled Social Set, chose any of the images included in it as your base.
  • Save images to your phone or computer.
  • Upload images to a photo and text editing app or website (see more below)
  • Add your text!

Recommended Phone Editing Apps

Free apps

  • Spark Post by Adobe (app store) (google play)
  • Over Edit & Add Text to Photos (app store) (google play)
  • Phonto (app store) (google play)

Premium apps with free features

  • Text Caption on Photo.s Editor (app store) (google play)
  • Font Candy (app store) (google play)

Phone Tutorial

Watch the quick tutorial here!